Plume® HomePass™

As an internet service provider you do not ever have worry about the Wi-Fi experience of your consumer segment customers with Plume SaaS smart home services suite.

Offer a premium Wi-Fi service that works, a home network that is secured in real-time and also gives your customer unprecedented control over their home network in an easy to understand way. 

You will have a lot more visibility and chance to drastically reduce operational costs at the same time.


Unlike conventional mesh networks, Plume's revolutionary adaptive Wi-Fi is continuously learning the network environment. 

It uses over 10 simultaneous AI/machine learning algorithms to calculate the best possible Wi-Fi topology and adapts automatically to the environment and usage.

With leveraging open-source OpenSync™ software, a variety of consumer grade hardware can be turned capable of running Plume Adapt. As well as other value added services, that are run from the Plume Cloud.


With Plume the end user of the service will have unprecedented control over his or her home network. 

The customer can set different guest access levels with different passwords (up to 30). This way the guest are isolated from the main network. The passwords can be set temporarily and easily shared.

It is also possible to configure parental controls and set internet-freeze on network, user and device level. This way the children can be kept away from inappropriate content and also parented by setting some time-out from internet.


Guard filters suspicious content when customer is browsing the internet , offering real-time protection against crypto-mining, ransomware, malware, viruses, botnets, phishing attacks and more.

It also offers Advanced IoT protection. Devices on the home network that might show signs of suspicious activity while connected to internet are quarantined before possible harm is done to other devices and network users.

Ad-blocking feature blocks content coming from known ad servers, significantly improving your browsing experience.

Customer has flexibility to choose how and to what extent Guard services are activated.


Plume also offers Wi-Fi motion sensing. The devices on the home network can be set to act as motion detectors. If movement is detected by changes in Wi-Fi radio-waves and he user is notified by this.

Sensitivity level can be regulated and pets can be ignored. Customer can also set primary devices for different family members - so when somebody returns home and connects to the internet then notification is sent by the HomePass app. 

One of the main benefits of this feature for the customers is of course being notified about unexpected visitors. 
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