3KGroup guests from Finland, Plume demo!

March 17, 2024

On March 14, members of the Suomen Setuverkot organization from Finland attended a reception hosted by us - 3KGroup. We talked about making sure WiFi works well at homes and in small businesses. Plume has a smart and hardware vendor-agnostic way to do this. It helps make internet better for contemporary networks with a variety of devices that all have their own peculiarities. The abundance of different variables today contribute to complexities of maintaining a good quality of experience for residential users and very small businesses. They also deserve to have a good overall internet (incl. WiFi) experience in case they might lack resources to acquire enterprise grade WiFi gear. Plume also adds extra security and cool features without needing users to do a lot or be tech experts.

At the event, Plume's senior engineer, Onder Koyupinar and Karl Staub from 3KGroup gave a thorough explanation of the Plume solution. We discussed the perspectives of both home users using Plume® HomePass™ and small businesses using WorkPass. Service provider applications like Frontline and Signal were demonstrated as well.
We displayed many WiFi devices that work with Plume, made by different companies. 3KGroup brings many of these options to Finland and the Baltic region and offers support for them.

Additionally, we addressed the increasingly relevant and serious issue of internet and WiFi security. It was also the main theme of this seminar trip by the Suomen Seutuverkot organization.

from the left: Onder Koyupinar (Plume), Karl Staub (3KGroup), Jari Käyhty (Suomen Seutuverkot)

The event took place in such a lovely retro-themed place as Kopli KÖÖK, and we believe it was a great success. We had the opportunity to chat, eat, drink, and expand awareness together. We also received positive feedback, so it's definitely worth organizing such events again. Until next meet-ups!

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