Announcing 3K Group and Heights Telecom partnership in Finland and the Baltic States!

October 28, 2022

We are glad to announce that 3K Group is now officially the value added channel for Heights Telecom CPE devices in Finland and the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).

3K Group added Heights Telecom to the existing portfolio for their unique and innovative approach. The growing wireless connectivity needs in Homes and Small Businesses need solutions. We are here just in time to help these needs to be answered by ISP-s.

About Heights Telecom and 3K connection

Heights Telecom main business is the development, design and manufacturing of xDSL/Fiber/GPON/XGSPON/LTE CPE’s and Smart Home networking solutions.
Heights’ gateway is a platform to add third-party applications that increase the operator’s revenue & reduce operational cost and customer churn.
3K Group adds Plume® SaaS Cloud platform value propositions for upgrading Quality of Customer Experience and offers local expertise and support to the equation.

All of Heights Telecom product line of CPE is to be integrated with OpenSync™. Thus they're automatically compatible with Plume SaaS Customer Experience management platform and with other OpenSync integrated devices. All OpenSync enabled devices follow a certification process prior to getting acceptance to deploy into production. This drastically minimizes the time for compatibility testing and launching.

New era of IoT compatibility

All Heights Telecom devices support Matter. This is a new unified approach to IoT device development. Matter drives the convergence between the major IoT ecosystems to create one easy, reliable, and secure wireless protocol to connect all IoT devices and networks!

Future is possible NOW!

We are looking forward to great partnership and joint projects with ISP-s in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Our mission is to change the face of consumer and small business Wi-Fi service provisioning from rigid legacy to flexible and future-proof!

We offer a path to Wi-Fi services reality, where services are disaggregated from the hardware. We and our Vendor partners wish to give the Internet Service Providers to have the best possible local support.

Are you looking to consistently meet consumer and small business needs with easy to use turnkey Wi-Fi solutions?

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