Tele2 launches Plume in Estonia!

November 8, 2022

We are proud to announce that Tele2 Estonia have launched new broadband services with Plume included in the subscriptions!

This is already the second launch of Plume to our regions market and is a nice follow up to earlier launch by a new ISP Apollo TV in June of this year. You can read about it HERE.

Rebels with a cause

Launching new services with Plume is an awesome approach that solves old known problems that home broadband service users are unfortunately quite used to:

"It is what is, the internet (in reality in most cases rather Wi-Fi of the internet provider's router) does not always work properly, and in ensuring internet safety and cyber hygiene, I only have to rely on the awareness of myself, my children, parents and grandparents" - Sounds familiar?

Now people can start to forget about this old and outdated pattern of thinking, because as Tele2 tagline goes:

Secure and functioning internet at homes and for all connected devices should not be a luxury:

Tele2 - Secure Internet with a reasonable price, everywhere

Secure and functioning internet at homes and for all connected devices should not be a luxury.

Tele2 Estonia

All Tele2 broadband packages now come with Plume SuperPod™. This allows home or small office users to enjoy a seamless Wi-Fi and secure internet browsing experience that Plume software offers. It also comes with an extremely convenient way to control and manage the network through a mobile app.

Stronger together in partnership with 3KGroup

3KGroup is the value added distributor and local channel for Plume software products and compatible ODM/OEM hardware integrated with OpenSync. There are many choices of OpenSync compatible hardware available through us for Communications Service Providers in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. The availability of hardware is thus not an issue. For example, if there are certain inherent issues with a certain device then there are plenty of alternatives for faster resolution. The service providers can also choose from a variety of technical capabilities and designs.

From experience in telecommunications, Wi-Fi and thousands of successful completed projects for over 25 years 3KGroup knows how to deliver on the promise of value add for our local telco and ISP partners. Our channel makes both the service providers and the vendors life easier and business long term. It is saving our partners valuable time and resources.

Strong partnerships are built on mutual trust and the actions 3KGroup has taken to support our CSP customers. It is a privilege to have Tele2 Estonia amongst our customers from telecommunications industry. 3KGroup is continuing to deliver the best world-class telco solutions to local telco market with sustainability and long-term success in mind.

How this translates to business? This means lower OPEX, higher ARPU and high NPS that comes from reducing churn. From 3KGroup perspective this is not a brand promise. It is the direct result of different combinations of well picked and scalable technological solutions with our local support and ongoing consultation.

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