WorkPass™ – Turnkey Wi-Fi and productivity tools for small businesses

April 10, 2021

Late this March, Plume® launched a new product aimed at small businesses and communications service providers. The management platform for small businesses, so far missing from the reach of service providers and their customers is called WorkPass.

This innovative solution enables communication service providers to offer small businesses many value added services on top of seamless Wi-Fi experience. WorkPass is a great addition to the worldwide known Plume Smart Home suite HomePass for residential users. As the name suggests, Plume WorkPass is a complete network management suite for business owners. It's foundation is the same hardware agnostic Plume AI based Customer Management System and it's Adaptive Wi-Fi capability. Read the official English press release on WorkPass HERE.

A few eloquent quotes from the WorkPass press release:

"The specific needs of small businesses have been ignored for way too long – CSPs have been trying to serve Main Street either through residential offerings, or through enterprise campus focused systems, both of which are square pegs in round holes," said Fahri Diner, Co-founder & CEO, Plume.

"Our research shows that 42 percent of SMBs plan to increase spend on Wi-Fi management. Managing and securing the plethora of LAN-attached devices is an important investment driver and two-thirds of businesses expect to connect more devices over the next two years. Wi-Fi is also helping small businesses thrive by enabling new services such as guest analytics, building security and environmental control," said Camille Mendler, Chief Analyst, Service Provider Enterprise, Omdia.

What is the value of WorkPass?

WorkPass is an enterprise grade tool for having control of small business networks by small business owners. It enables communication service providers to offer its small business customers a truly high-quality service literally at the palm of their hand.
In addition to basic internet connectivity communication service providers can also now offer plug and play Wi-Fi solution for every corner of the small business workspace and more. But not only. WorkPass is uniting many small business centric value added services under one umbrella.
WorkPass offers small businesses enterprise grade security and tools for monitoring employees' and customers engagement. Visitations by uninvited guests outside working hours can be monitored as well from the WorkPass app, for instance.

Enterprise grade security for your small business network

3 different and totally separate network zones can be created

Motion detection can alert of unwanted visitors

See the WorkPass product overview video:

Plume WorkPass video

The goal of WorkPass is to offer small business owners the opportunity to manage their company's network connection (connectivity, security, productivity) without complicated configuration processes. Thus, it can be used by anyone without incurring additional costs for the IT staff responsible for setting up and managing the system. This also lowers the costs for communication service providers, as it does not require sending technicians to get the service up and running. Therefore, a simple and affordable way for the company to manage operations. In addition, WorkPass offers a number of added values, which we pointed out above.

Sounds intriguing and you are interested? Hesitate no more and get in touch!

Karl Staub
Business Development Manager
+372 555 14 002

Plume is the creator of the world's first software-based SaaS (Software as a Service) customer experience platform for communications service providers and their customers. Plume enables the rapid delivery of large amounts of new services to connected homes and small businesses.

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