3KGroup is an authorized channel for Plume® SaaS Customer Experience Management platform to Communications Service Providers in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. 

Gain a competitive edge with enriching your broadband internet offering with Plume platform and 3KGroup support!

  • HomePass Guard with pod
  • HomePass Guard
  • HomePass More
  • HomePass Control
  • Plume device topology
  • HomePass Sense


Artificial Intelligence that optimizes Wi-Fi automatically in real-time


Based on  open source  software OpenSync.io  and is not a vendor propriatary solution

Easy to use

Easy to unerstand and use borth for the end-customers and the internet service providers

High value

Fast installation and  a solution that just works without additional input from users
3KGROUP OÜ | Helgi tee 2, Rae vald, 75312 Harjumaa
tel: +372 555 14 002 | e-mail: plume@3kgroup.ee
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